Nursing Aid Charged in Freezing Death of Nursing Home Resident

In a sad story from Illinois, an example of why door alarms are used was seen.  We all get tired of seemingly excessive QA checks and almost unlimited paperwork.  Here is one reason why it helps to have rules and discipline in a nursing department.

The AP reports from Wheaton, Illinois that a Nursing Assistant will face five felony charges of criminal neglect after an 89 year old woman was Leon CNAdiscovered expired in a snowbank after she got outside after a door alarm went off.  It is alleged that the alarm was turned off and the aid went back to watching TV. 

Heidi Leon, 23, of Bensenville, is charged with two counts of felony criminal neglect of a long-term care facility resident, two counts of felony criminal neglect of an elderly person and one count of obstructing justice. 

Wentworth’s family has also filed a lawsuit against the facility, The Arbor of Itasca, alleging gross neglect in her death. The nursing home has said it is cooperating with the Illinois Department of Public Health and local authorities.   Leon did not check on residents after Wentworth’s exit triggered a door alarm and she also lied to police, the prosecuter said.  Bail was set at $100,000.

The AP article is found here:

Two Questions:

Do you think that the ignoring of door alarms is a wide-spread problem?  Have you ever heard of anything like this taking place before?


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