A Clear approach to Team Building

At Clear Medical Solutions, we’re always trying to stay on top of best practices and cutting edge techniques that not only make a difference in the healthcare industry, but are cost effective as well.

Lately, we’ve worked with some of the pioneers in the Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) field to Clear Medical Solutions Team Building With Horsesdevelop a team building solution for healthcare teams that utilizes horses and all of their instincts as the primary teacher.  We’ve used it with several groups so far, and the response is nothing short of amazing! 

For less than half the cost of other team building services, your team can engage in experiential learning and have a lot of fun!  Not only will they learn more about their fellow “teammates”, but in the process, they will learn more about themselves and other’s perceptions of them. 

We’re calling the solution Clear Team Building, and it is now available to all groups accross the United States.  We are signing up new horse farms and ranches, and are ready to provide an amazing team building solution to your group needs.  For more information, check out the webpage here:


Two Questions:

1)  Has anyone out there seen this sort of team building technique before?

2)  What sort of questions would  you have about this idea?


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