A Curbside Consult on Facebook?

Curbside Consult (found at http://trust.md/vm2rq7) is simply an organized way to present requests for information to or from physicians who might have some useful information to share. 

Because of the way we are moderating this Physician to Physician forum, no Patient-Physician relationship or Primary Care-Consultant relationship will exist. 

This is a meeting place to or for Physicians to seek and offer relatively short bits of informal information:

1)  To confirm what they already know
2)  To get quick answers
3)  To help our profession provide great patient care
4)  Additional education
5)  To share emotional exposure during a difficult case

Through this new medium, we hope to be able to meet the needs of our colleagues.

Why this will work:

  1. Physicians we know do have some down time (on call, etc.)
  2. Physicians we know love their work
  3. Physicians we know love talking about their work
  4. Physicians we know got into medicine to help people
  5. Physicians we know don’t mind sharing information if it is convenient, safe, and helpful

If any of these points aren’t true for you right now, then the Curbside Consult project might not be a good fit.  However, we know thousands and thousands of docs on facebook, twitter, Linkedin, and blogging, and they are currently using their free time to share information to help out. 

We were inspired by the cooperation and helpful nature of these two groups currently on facebook: 



They helped us see how the power of social media could be utilized to answer questions, share information, and ultimately help make a difference with patients and our community.

We hope you agree.

Do you have a question about the process? 

Feel free to post comments here, or on the facebook page wall. 

Let’s work together to make a difference!


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