Pushing Our Limits

I’m now writing a personal blog at 8pmWarrior.com and wanted to share a post that I recently wrote. 

I speak for our entire leadership team at Clear Medical Solutions when I say that we spend every day (and many nights) flying, pushing, climbing towards the upper limits.   We’re not perfect, but we are passionate and driven.


Pushing the Limits

There are two ways a person can go about pushing their limits:

1)      Dive for the bottom by constantly thinking of ways to do the bare minimum to keep their current position, relationship, or income.

This is the easy way to push.

In a busy world, very few leaders will investigate everything their employees say or do (I won’t).  It’s easy to sneak in a couple half true statements, half baked ideas, or half finished projects.  Excuses are cheap and easy to find.  It’s easy to dive for the bottom.

2)      Flying. Pushing. Fighting towards the upper limits of what you can do by giving your absolute best to everything you do while ignoring the siren’s call to dive to the bottom.

A much harder path.

I believe that there is a limit to what a person can do with their life.  However, you’ll never find it if you waste your life diving.  It’s a different way of thinking, and one that explains why there are 8pm Warriors all over the world right now pushing their limits.

The upper ones.


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Have a great day!

– Aaron


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