Clear Medical Network Annual Cruise!

We are working with a couple other groups right now to organize the next annual healthcare cruise. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Price will start at a discounted price of $389/person (plus taxes/fees)
  • All food and most entertainment is included
  • 7 nights & 8 days long
  • We’ll be leaving from South Florida in early January
  • Friends and family are welcome to join
  • No work, just fun

If you’re interested in more info, we’ll be sending out official invites soon. If you’d like one, just let us know your contact info by registering for free at (we don’t spam or sell your info).

You may be wondering what “the catch” is.  Besides the fun and new friends we meet, there is no other benefit to us.  Payment and reservations are handled through the cruise company.

We recommend going to the Clear Medical Network page on Facebook and browsing through the pictures, videos, and stories of fun from our previous 4 cruises.  It originally was started to provide a break and help reduce burnout for medical team members at Clear Medical Agency, but the last couple years it’s been opened up to medical professionals around the world and their family members.

Let us know if you have any questions.

– Trey and the Annual Cruise organizing committee

2010 Annual Cruise


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